Vehicle diagnostics

All About Your Vehicle

CarDroid plugs into OBD-II port of a vehicle. It can do all the standard tricks OBD-II readers usually do: vehicle diagnostics, fault finding and clearing error codes. It allows you to get all data from the car computer remotely, such as trouble codes, speed, rpm, engine temperature, engine load, fuel level, park distance, etc.

Error Codes

If CarDroid detects a breakdown in your car, it will send an error code to your account. So you will be aware of what exactly went wrong and which specialist you shall consult. When the problem is solved but the error code light is still on, you can turn it off. Monitor your car's health locally or remotely.

More Than OBD-II

You can see the data received from additional sensors, as well as the vehicle's location. CarDroid is equipped with a motion sensor. It starts working when you leave the car. If there is a suspicious activity inside the car, CarDroid will notify you. Protect your car from theft or robbery.