ESNaR — Emergency Situation Notification and Reconstruction

Demo reconstruction

Pitch °
Roll °
Azimuth °


Our telematic device, CarDroid, works as a black box for your car. A built-in 9-axis orientation sensor lets CarDroid detect a car accident and notify the SOS contacts of it. All data received from the sensor is used to reconstruct the car's motion path and see its position in space at the moment of the accident in 3D.

SOS Notifications

Be sure your dear ones are safe on the road. If our device detects a car accident, you will immediately receive an SOS notification. We offer a wide variety of notification types. Pick the most convenient ones for you personally and you will not miss it when you are needed.

Locate The Car Accident

You can always locate a place of a car accident using your online account. This feature will help you to get to the accident site as soon as possible and help your dear ones yourself, or call the emergency services for help telling them exactly where to go.