What Is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a feature which allows you to track a device with the help of geofences, virtual perimeters set around some geographic areas. This feature uses GPS, A-GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® to define geographical boundaries and the location of a device monitored. When the device crosses the boundaries of this perimeter, it immediately sends a notification to a user account.

Who Needs It?

Private Users

Geofencing can be used for many purposes, for example for parents, if they want to know whether their child has reached or left school. Pet owners can be sure that their pets are within the territory of their property.

Corporate Users

Employers can monitor their staff and be sure they arrive to work on time. If workers leave work earlier than they are supposed to, the employer will receive a notification. Logistics or taxi companies can monitor their fleet. Law enforcement organizations can see if an individual serving a sentence escapes from a prison, or if a person on probation leaves a county.

How Do I Create Geofences?

You can create several geofence zones in your personal account. Follow “Geofence” tooltip and click “Create” button. Name your geofence zone, select its color and assign devices to this zone. Point at least 3 geofence angles on the map, then click on the first point to close the shape. You can adjust its borders by drawing its angles on the map. To finish creating the geofence click “Save”. Now, if the device added to this geofence zone crosses its border, you will receive a notification.