Locate any mobile phone connected to your account: look after your kids, take care of your relatives, monitor your staff and company vehicles. Each person you need is right here, on the map!


Install UonMap application on the device you want to trace

Log In

Connect the device to your account


See its current location from your phone, tablet or laptop

Stop worrying. Start living.

It's great to always know where your dear ones are. Now you can stop thinking whether your family members are safe and focus on your activities. Any time you wonder where your close ones are, you can just check it in your account.

Close even when apart

You can set any area as a Geofence. Once a person enters or leaves the Geofence, you will get a notification in your account. It's a great tool to stay in touch with your kids and other family members.

My account is my castle

You can log into your personal account on our website. In your account you can trace your close ones online anytime you want or see their travel history within any period of time. You can check all data, share and export it in a file any time. All information in your account is absolutely confidential and is available only for you.

Make sure they are safe

Staying connected is very important. If something happens to one of your folks, we'll do our best to let you know about it. If there is an emergency, you will get an SOS alarm which will not stop ringing until you see it. Once you are aware of the situation, you can take it under your own control and do everything needed to help the person.

Monitor your loved ones on the go